August 20, 2014

Valiant Joins Madefire "Print Books" on iOS and Android for Day-and-Date Digital Releases, Digital Collections

Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce a new partnership with Madefire – the cutting-edge digital comics platform – to bring Valiant's complete library of award-winning comic book and collections to the newly launched "Print Books" storefront on Madefire's iOS and Android apps.

Celebrating traditional comics in the digital space, Madefire now features an honest and simple reading experience with a page-view interface and pinch-and-zoom navigation called Print Books. Alongside the benchmark reading experience in Motion Books, digital comics and graphic novels in their authentic form will now be available via Madefire’s In-App Purchases directly on your mobile, tablet and web devices.

Featuring day-and-date releases of Valiant's latest monthly titles – including X-O Manowar, Unity, Rai, Armor Hunters, The Delinquents, and more – the critically acclaimed comics publisher will soon make available its complete back catalog of best-selling comic books and graphic novels, beginning today with the launch of the Quantum and Woody Classic 99-Cent Sale – the first ever Madefire-exclusive sale on the iOS and Android platforms.


The Fellowship has obtained a first look at DAMSELS IN EXCESS #2 from Aspen Comics. The issue, which hits stores August 27th, is written by Vince Hernandez with art by Mirka Andolfo.

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

As the remaining ladies turn on Bethany following the reveal of the men’s final wish, the princess finds herself alone in the Five Realms with everyone out to murder her. Yet, not all citizens—and rulers—of the Five believe in following the pleas of a dying gender, as she will discover. However, first, she must find a way to escape Crossman’s Hall before Barra’s soldiers can end her reign—and her life!