Old West Meets New Magic in Greg Pak's KINGSWAY WEST

This November, award-winning writer Greg Pak makes his Dark Horse debut with Kingsway West, his first creator-driven original series!

After thirteen years in prison, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to find his wife. But in a fantastical American Old West crackling with magic, monsters, and racist vigilantes, trouble just won’t leave him be. And in this case, trouble is a woman with a magic sword who needs his help.

“The Old West of Kingsway West reflects all of the social, economic and racial conflicts and tensions of the actual Old West—but it's also a world in which magic rather than technology drives much of the upheaval,” Pak told Comic Book Resources. “The whole scenario gives us a chance to think about the actual West in a new way—and maybe imagine entirely new ways for America to be born. And, of course, it's about heroes following their hearts as they make their way through a vast and dangerous frontier.”

Dark Circle Unveils New Series -- THE WEB -- From White, Kudranski

Adding to an already impressive lineup of books that include THE BLACK HOOD, THE FOX, THE SHIELD and THE HANGMAN, Archie’s superhero imprint Dark Circle Comics today announced plans for the latest re-imagining of a classic property with THE WEB.

Written by bestselling novelist Dave White (the Jackson Donne series of PI novels) and featuring art by artist Szymon Kudranski (Batman: The Dark Knight, Spawn), the series stars Jane Raymond, a 14-year-old high-schooler in suburban New Jersey who idolizes a hero known The Web. Finding herself with mysterious powers much like her idol, Jane's struggle to balance her new life as a superhero while also dealing with family issues will put this new hero to the ultimate test.

THE WEB hits comic book stores early 2016.