Bane to be in The Dark Knight Rises??? is reporting that the latest in the list of possible villians for the next Batman movie is Bane.  He is best known for breaking Batman's back in the Knightfall story arc back in the 90's. Please forget the version that showed up in the load of guano that was "Batman and Robin: because that wasn't him. He is a very intelligent, strong man who also used Venom (an addictive strength-enhancing super-steroid). I like how Gail Simone is using him in the Secret Six series. She is adding depth to him never before seen.

As to this rumor, it's just that until we hear from Nolan. I personally don't see Bane being used, but I've been wrong before. If Nolan does use him, I hope it's his decision and not a mandate from Warner Bros. We've seen how that works out. Anybody remember Venom from Spider-Man 3? I rest my case.