Evans signed for six movies; Someone is already Fury's assistant?; Why can't I find stuff like this?; Dr. Jeckyl and Mister Hyde versus...Jack the Ripper?

Chris Evans has revealed that he is signed for six movies: 3 movies each for Captain America and the Avengers. That's a smart move. You've got him locked up for awhile. Not sure what Chris Hemsworth's contract status is for Thor. He's obliviously signed for the first Thor and Avengers movies. I guess beyond that will depend on how well the Thor movie does. If successful, they'll lock him up as well. If not, well...there are a ton of Avengers to choose from. Just out of curiosity, I looked up Robert Downey Jr.'s contract status. He's signed on for the Avengers (of course) and Iron Man 3.

In related news, Comic Book Movie is theorizing that the part of Nick Fury's assistant may already (unofficially) belong to Morena Baccarin (Firefly, V). If true, this also makes sense. She already has a relationship with director Joss Whedon and it's not like he can do a lot of casting on his own with the other heroes cast. Take a look...doesn't she look like Maria Hill? Yes, indeed. :)

How would you like it if you found a piece of history? Well, apparently it did in 1975 and the pieces will be up for bid on February 24 at Heritage Auctions here in Dallas, Texas. The items? Production proofs from Detective Comic #27 - the first appearance of Batman. you can read the full story and see the pages here. The items, along with Bob Kane's sketchbooks,art class notebooks and other items were in an old steamer trunk that had been put out to picked up by the garbage man. Wow!!!! The pages are still in great condition considering that they are almost 72 years old and were not taken care of. It's interesting seeing Batman in the black and gray with purple, purple gloves! Later reprints (and the colored panel here) shows blue gloves, but they were indeed purple. What a great find!
Had not heard of this one, but will put it on my list. Dark Horse is publishing a mini-series that has already been optioned as a movie. It's called The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde written by Cole Haddon. You can read the interview he gave Newsarama here. It's a good read.