Sam Jackson getting ready to do cameos; More pics from Captain America; Marvel regain top spot in January sales, overall sales down

Sam Jackson was on Jimmy Fallon last night and said that he will be filming his cameos for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger as early as next month. He also said that he will be doing screen tests with five actresses this Friday for his "assistant" in the upcoming Avenger movie directed by Joss Whedon. Who is it? Well, the first name that came to my mind is Maria Hill, but it could be Sharon Carter (Agent 13) or Linda Danvers (Ms. Marvel). We shall see...

More Captain America pictures have appeared on the internet.

First off...Hydra goons
Captain America (Chris Evans) and his partner, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).
What appears to be the test room for the Super Soldier project (inset pic of Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips.
 Another pic of Stan as Bucky
So, what do you think? Still no definite picture of the Red Skull.

Marvel regained the top spot in sales for the month of January. Five of the top ten titles were Marvel with Fantastic Four #587 (the death of Human Torch) being number one. DC had four titles with Brightest Day #17 being the highest rank - number two. Image owns the remaining spot (number 4) with Spawn #200.

In December, Marvel had 32.28% of the market share of the number of comics shipped in that month to comic stores, while DC surged ahead with 33.07% for the first time in decades. In January, Marvel jumped up to 42.37% while DC slipped to 31.80%.

Overall, January 2011 sold over 20% less comics and graphic novels than in January 2010.