Update on The Black Hole Remake

Someone must have heard me, or had the same questions I did. ComingSoon.Net has an exclusive interview with Tron Legacy director Joesph Kosinski regarding the movie and the franchise's future, but also asked about the remake of the other Disney Sci-fi film...

"Well, what I can say is it's definitely not a sequel. That's a reimagining of the concept. We know so much more about black holes now and the phenomena that surround them and the incredible effects on time and space that they have. The working, which allows for some really interesting concepts and stories to tell. Travis Beacham is writing the script. We're working with him right now on it. And it's just really exciting. It's a really exciting reimagining of what it's like to go in a deep interstellar mission to a black hole. And we're going to preserve some of those iconic elements of the first one that people love. But beyond that, I can't really say much!"

It was just last week that Disney decided not to do Kosinski's project Horizions since the director wanted to go edgier (meaning a PG13 rating). So maybe he'll do this first. We'll see. However, it's funny to point out that The Black Hole was Disney's first PG rated film.