Three Stooges Film Begins Production Today

The Farrelly Brothers have started production on their Three Stooges film in Atlanta today. As stated before, the film is three 27 minute stories with the central arc being the Stooges trying to raise money to save the orphanage they grew up in.

Here are your 21st century Stooges...

Chris Diamantopoulos (The Starter Wife, 24) as Moe, Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) as Larry, and Will Sasso (MADTV, $#*! My Dad Says) as Curly.

The rest of the cast includes: Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Mother Mengele, Jane Lynch (GLEE) as Mother Superior, Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) as Mrs. Harter and Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) as Mr. Harter.

I've been told the script is very much in vein to the originals work. It's sounds basically like a love letter to Mrs. Howard, Fine, and Howard. I hope so. The movie is scheduled to be released early next year.