200,000 Copies of Justice League #1 Ordered, 100,000 for Six Other DC Titles

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Justice League #1 pre-orders have hit the 200,000 mark with six other unnamed titles hitting the 100,000 mark. As a comparison, only five books have hit the 100,000 mark from January through July.

Currently, the best selling comic of 2011 is Ultimate Spider-Man #160 which marked the death of Peter Parker. That book sold 159,355 copies. The number #2 best seller is June's Amazing Spider-Man #666 at 135,568 copies. This was the start of the "Spider Infestation" arc, as well as the campaign to have your local comic store on the cover being saved by Spidey. If accurate, this would make Justice League #1 the best seller of 2011.

Now days, it's very rare to have books selling 100,000+ copies - as evidence by only five out of an untold number of books produced this year. So congratulations to DC for a great start. Let's see how those numbers are in say December or January (which would be issues #4 or #5).

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