More Mystery Woman Sightings in the DCnU

She is literally everywhere and everywhen. DC's Mystery Woman who first appeared in Flashpoint #5 has made a cameo appearance in every title so far. I addressed the initial sightings and the speculations. Here are all the cameos from the books that were released last week and here are all the cameos from the books being released today (thanks to Bleeding Cool for all the heavy lifting).

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas on who she is or what she wants? Let us know!  Does she have anything to do with the "Flashpoint wall" that has been mentioned in both Legion books? Some speculate that she is there backdoor to get out of the new DC if this thing tanks. Dan Didio is on record saying that there are no trapdoors to get them back if this is a failure, but who knows?

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