A New Life for Locke & Key?

There might still be some hope for seeing the IDW comic Locke & Key on the small screen. Last month, the trailer for the pilot was leaked. Fox (and other networks) turned it down the series. However, there's new hope coming from.... MTV. That's right, the one time Music Television might have interest. Deadline is reporting that MTV programming chief David Janollari received a DVD of the pilot and liked it enough to set up meetings with the producers. Faint hope I grant you, but still a chance. The only thing that might be a concern according to the Deadline report is the budget. That is apparently the reason why Syfy passed on it (also explains the crappy "original" movies).

The story of Locke & Key is about three youths who become caretakers of a New England mansion called the Keyhouse. The mansion is full of doors that lead you to different worlds - full of magic and horror. The comic is written by Joe Hill with art by Gabriel Rodriguez.

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