The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain advance copy of Arcana Studios’ latest graphic novel – ALL FALL DOWN.  Casey Jones wrote the story, with art by Jason Reeves, Cirque Studios, Gian Fernando, Anvit, Pericles Junior, Barnaby Bagenda, and Al Jerek Torrijas.

What do you do if you happen to gain the powers of all the heroes and villains in the world? What do you do if you are a hero or villain and no longer have your powers? Sophie - a high school freshman gains all the powers of all the superbeings in the world and cannot give them back no matter how much she wants to get rid of them. Meanwhile, heroes Paradigm, Portia, Pronto, and Phylum (just a few who survived the de-powering) have to figure out how to move on with their lives.  The son of a former villain may have the answer, but are his intentions honorable?

Casey Jones’s story is very thought provoking. I have read stories of super beings losing their powers and the average Joe suddenly gaining powers, but not like this. The contrasting art styles are unique and enjoyable. ALL FALL DOWN is out in stores now, or you can buy it in print or digital form at www.arcana.com.

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