IDW and Barnes & Noble Partner to Bring Graphic Novels to NOOK

IDW debuted an initial collection of 30 graphic novels for the new Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet.

“We’re excited to partner with Barnes & Noble to bring IDW graphic novels line to NOOK,” stated Jeff Webber, IDW's director of ePublishing. “With the NOOK Tablet, Barnes & Noble has developed a stunning display that works perfectly for viewing comics and graphic novels. Our digital graphic novels include all the special features and content found in the print versions also available through Barnes & Noble.”

“Barnes & Noble is excited to offer IDW Publishing’s graphic novels on NOOK Tablet,” said Theresa Horner, vice president of Content and Digital Products for Barnes & Noble. “With the launch of NOOK Tablet, we now offer a vast collection of full-color comics, graphic novels and kids’ comics in high resolution that makes the action virtually jump off the page. IDW’s graphic novels are a great addition.”

The initial lineup includes the following titles, and can be found at:
• Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library Volume 1 1980-1981
• Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library Volume 2 1982
• Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library Volume 3 1983
• Code Word: Geronimo
• Doctor Who: Fugitive
• Doctor Who: Tessaract
• Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur
• Doctor Who: The Forgotten
• Doctor Who: Through Time and Space
• Doctor Who: Fairy Tale
• Dead Space
• Dragon Age
• G.I. JOE: Hearts & Minds
• The Last Unicorn
• Little Adventures in Oz Vol. 1
• Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft
• Locke & Key Vol. 2: Head Games
• Locke & Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows
• Locke & Key Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom
• The Murder of King Tut
• Mystery Society
• Parker: The Hunter
• Parker: The Outfit
• The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures
• Star Trek: Countdown
• Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation
• Star Trek: Nero
• Star Trek: Spock Reflections
• TRANSFORMERS 3: Dark of the Moon Movie Adaptation
• True Blood Vol.1: All Together Now
• Witch & Wizard: Battle for Shadowland

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