Marvel's SCARLET SPIDER Liveblog Recap

The Fellowship attended a liveblog on regarding the upcoming Scarlet Spider ongoing series beginning this January with writer Chris Yost, artist Ryan Stegman and editor Steve Wacker. Here's the 411...

Coming out of Spider-Island, Kaine is no longer scarred and crazy, but still has to deal with what he has done over the years. He needs to get out of town to find himself. "There's a certain freedom in knowing you're going to die. Suddenly having to deal with consequences of your actions is a lot of what the book is about." - Steve Wacker

Artist Ryan Stegman wanted to keep a classic look with the new costume but go darker and be intimidating. The costume is in fact Spider-Man's "Big Time" suit, so it has all the capabilities that Peter Parker designed into it, including invisibility.

The series is located in Houston, Texas. Writer Chris Yost is excited about  a new location which allows the chance to create new villains, supporting cast, etc. without a lot of trouble. Ryan Stegman is using notes that Yost provides as well as tools like Google Earth to authentically depict Houston. They're planning a trip there next month and "take lots of pictures."

"Kaine is not going to wake up in issue #2 and be a hero, it's going to be tough. He didn't grow up with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, he had The Jackal. His go-to solution a lot of times is still to be killing somebody. It will be a journey." - Chris Yost

"Kaine is even more spider-like than Peter as far as the way he moves. He fights much more ruthlessly and aggressively. If it ends with somebody being severely injured, Kaine doesn't have a problem with it." - Ryan Stegman

Roxxon Energy Corporation and The super hero team The Rangers will also be in the book.

A new villain called Salamander will be Kaine's first bad guy, then the Assassin's Guild from X-Men and Gambit shows up in the second arc. Yost also hinted that some member of the Kraven family will be there at some point.

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