Special Webisode Prequel To First Original Movie STEVE NILES’ REMAINS

A week before the premiere of STEVE NILES' REMAINS, IDW announced that there will be a special 11 minute prequel webisode on chillertv.com called REMAINS: ROAD TO RENO.

In STEVE NILES' REMAINS, which premieres December 16, a radioactive blast transforms every tourist and local in Reno, Nevada into mindless, ravenous zombies. But before the action begins in Reno, somewhere just outside the city a lone mechanic (Morgan West) is learning first-hand what’s required to survive the undead.

With ROAD TO RENO webisode (available December 9) viewers can head back before the blast to watch as the virus descends upon an isolated gas station. Imagined by writer Steve Niles, this exclusive online event reveals the origins of Remainscharacters - both alive and undead - and pits zombie against zombie on the blood-soaked road to Reno. Remains: Road to Reno is written by John Doolan and directed by Colin Theys (who wrote and directed, respectively, the film).

The REMAINS graphic novel is out in stores now.

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