Arcana Comics Solicitations For May 2012

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for Arcana Comics that will come out May 2012...

DIAMOND MAR12 0740 / ISBN 978-1-926914-79-4
(W) Bruce Brown, Chip Christell 
(A/CA) Adam Mrozowski 

The Earth is ruled by ruthless aliens who came to our planet seeking a mysterious power source known only as SF-92. Now, a year later, the merciless aliens have crushed the armed forces and annihilated all freedom fighters. All but one: Sergeant Coleman is Earth's last hope. If he can find SF-92 then maybe, just maybe, he can use it against the alien conquerors and win mankind's freedom. His search brings him to Clay County, a backward slice of the Deep South that is completely unaware of humanity's subjugation! SC, 88pgs, FC $14.95

DIAMOND MAR12 0741 / ISBN 978-1-926914-90-9
(W) Devin Hylton 
(A/CA) Nadja Rebecca Smith

There isn't much in Hollow, Virginia -- a state university, students, a few townies, and some overcast weather in an otherwise sleepy college town. Disgraced, yet popular, former President James Harris comes into town to give a speech. After the president arrives at the town's convention center, several large explosions rock the convention center, and law enforcement officers swarm on the site of the explosion. With the town's attention elsewhere, a trio of college students pull off a bank heist that may have wider implications! SC, 64pgs, FC $12.95

DIAMOND MAR12 0742 / ISBN 978-1-926914-88-6
(W) Glenn Arseneau 
(A/CA) Andy Gray 

Adam Grey, a young anthropology graduate student, becomes an unlikely and reluctant hero as he finds himself mentally linked to an arrogant and irreverent ethereal being and tasked with taking on the role of "gatekeeper" on the Dead Highway, the "in-between" zone that separates the world of the living from the realm of the dead. SC, 88pgs, FC $14.95

DIAMOND MAR12 0743 / ISBN 978-1-926914-74-9
(W) Michael Mongillo 
(A/CA) Rob Ten Pas 

United in their forbidden love, Joy and Rurik fight a small army of Neurian flesh-eaters who have come to kill Rurik for abandoning their fading lycanthrope clan. MATURE THEMES 121pgs $14.95

DIAMOND MAR12 0744 / ISBN 978-1-926914-78-7
(W/A/CA) David Murdock 

In the backwoods farmland of Rural Nowhere, USA, dawn breaks. The rising sun colors everything warmly, red and gold and orange. A clutch of dried and dead trees frame a pile of bodies. Lucas stands over them. (STK459156) MATURE THEMES SC, 86pgs, FC $14.95

DIAMOND MAR12 0745 / ISBN 978-1-897548-62-2
(W) Sean O'Reilly 
(A/CA) Alan Otero 

The very first story Kade story! Kade has just barely survived his first encounter with the demon known as Apollyon. He is now on a journey to find the vagabond known as Kamric as he is the only person to ever survive facing Apollyon. Kade believes that he is the key to defeating the ominous demon. Kade will need the assistance of Ezra to find Kamric and to find redemption! SC, 104pgs, FC $14.95 RE-SOLICIT

DIAMOND MAR12 0746 / ISBN 978-1-926914-13-8
(W) Josh Blaylock 
(A/CA) Tim Seeley 

When down-on-his-luck slacker Alex Crane decides to steal ancient relics from his local museum to pay off gambling debts, he suddenly finds himself on the run from powerful magical forces. Transformed into the monstrous Mantikore, Alex is taken to Abaddon, a fantasy world where magic has run dry, and elves, dwarves, fairies and goblins live in a modern society. There, Alex must quickly acclimate himself to his environment, or fall prey to the wizard who wants his powers. SC, 120pgs, FC $19.95 RE-SOLICIT

DIAMOND MAR12 0747 / ISBN 978-1-926914-18-3
(W) Josh Blaylock 
(A/CA) Matt Merhoff 

Meet Mercy Sparx, a devil girl hired by the big shots in heaven to secretly take down rogue angels. Follow our unlikely heroine as she battles the forces of "good" while trying to figure out which side is the lesser evil. It's either succeed and get a free pass through the Pearly Gates, or fail and risk going somewhere very bad indeed! SC, 126pgs, FC $14.95 RE-SOLICIT