Reading With Pictures: Changing Classrooms One Comic at a Time

Reading with Pictures, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, announced today the official launch of their Kickstarter campaign to create THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK. This groundbreaking project will enable educators to take comics beyond supplementary reading and into the core curricula.

Aimed at grades 3-6,  THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK features a dozen short stories (both fiction and non-fiction) that address topics drawn from the list of Common Core Standards. The accompanying Teacher’s Guide will include Standards-correlated lesson plans customized to each story, research-based justifications for using comics in the classroom, a guide to establishing best classroom practices and a comprehensive listing of additional educational resources, both in print and online. THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK will have contributions from talents in the comic industry such as: Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, Janet Lee, Amy Reeder, Katie Cook and Roger Langridge. 

Josh Elder, President and Founder of Reading with Pictures, explains “This project has been years in the making, and it's been developed with input from hundreds of educators, academics and students nationwide. With their help, we're going to create a comic that teachers will actually want to use and a textbook that students will actually want to read. And we've done it while respecting our contributor's rights and keeping our product price below the gong market rate. We know that there's a need for this product, now we just need your help to prove it."

Kickstarter campaign has already started and runs through May 17.  THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK is scheduled for a spring 2013 release in both print and digital formats. You can check our their  website at You can contribute to their Kickstarter campaign at