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Sneak Peeks: Dark Horse Comics May 2, 2012

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Dark Horse Comics that will come out May 2...

Writer: Andi Watson
Artist: Andi Watson

One of the greatest all-ages comics of all time, Andi Watson’s Skeleton Key is back—and in color!

Using the magical Skeleton Key, schoolgirl Tamsin and fox spirit Kitsune can turn any door into a portal to an endless multiverse. Lost somewhere in space and time and trying to get home, the two friends encounter a band using the undead in a music video, check into a haunted hotel, and become catalogued in the vast Museum of the Lost! Collecting all three new stories from Dark Horse Presents, this is the perfect introduction.

Writer: Larry Yakata, Michael Fleisher, Don Kraar
Artist: Pablo Marcos, Val Mayerik, Ernie Chan, Gary Kwapisz, Dave Simons, Rudy Nebres
Cover Artist: Michael Golden

After many journeys trading his feared sword arm for gold, Conan returns to the land of his birth, Cimmeria, only to find his family murdered and his sister enslaved by a ruthless rival clan. While the mighty slayer cannot bring back the dead, he can still mete out a terrible vengeance, but can even a warrior as skilled and merciless as Conan take on an entire clan whose treacherous hands hold a blade to his sister’s throat?