Sneak Peeks: Marvel Comics April 18, 2012

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Marvel that will come out April 18...

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 (Of 12)
Jason Aaron (W)
John Romita Jr. (A)
Cover By Jim Cheung
Variant Covers By Nick Bradshaw & Carlo Pagulayan

• As The Opening Shot Is Fired, The Avengers Storm The Beach Of Utopia, And The Phoenix Draws Ever Nearer To Earth!
• But Which Side Will Wolverine Fight On?
• And What Choice Will Hope Make That Will Change The Direction And Scope Of The Conflict Dramatically?

Defenders #5
Matt Fraction (W)
Mitch Breitweiser (A)
Cover By Terry Dodson
Variant Cover By Walt Simonson

I Am A Defender Variant Also Available
• Who Are The Nereid, And What Secret Are They Keeping?
• How Does Namor’s History Intertwine With… Captain Nemo?
• The Mystery Of The Concordance Engine Grows!

Avengers #25
Brian Michael Bendis (W)
Walt Simonson (A)
Cover By Daniel Acuña
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Gabriele Dell’otto

• Avx Tie-In!
• Captain America Has Declared War On The X-Men.
• The Shocking Final Storyline In The Brian Bendis Avengers Saga!

Amazing Spider-Man #684
Dan Slott (W)
Cover By Stefano Caselli
Variant Cover By Gabriele Dell’otto

• Spider-Man’s Globetrotting Adventure Against The Sinister Six Moves To The Middle East For A Face Off Against…The Sandman!
• In The Past, Spidey’s Fought Sandman On Beaches, In Quarries, But Never Like This – How Can Web-Head Hope To Defeat Sandman When He’s Controlling The Sahara Desert?!
• Special Guest Stars: Black Widow And Silver Sable.

Venom #16
Rick Remender (W)
Lan Medina (A)
Cover By Tony Moore

• A Routine Prisoner Transfer Of The Fly Thrusts Venom Into One Of The Most Dire Conflicts Of His Young Super Career!
• One Fatal Act Will Change Venom’s Life Forever – And Lead To Savage Consequences In The Months To Come!

The Punisher #10
Greg Rucka (W)
Marco Checchetto (A/C)
Variant Cover By Adi Granov

• “The Omega Effect” Part Two! Guest Starring Spidey And Daredevil!
• A Perfect Time To Try This Highly Acclaimed New Series As Frank Castle Joins In With The Meanest Team-Up You Ever Saw.
• Forced To Work With Two Garishly Dressed Avengers, The Punisher Makes One Promise: “Trust No One…Hurt Everyone.”

Incredible Hulk #7
Jason Aaron (W)
Whilce Portacio (A)
Cover By Leinil Yu
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Charles Paul Wilson Iii

• We Dare Not Reveal More! We Wouldn’t Want To Spoil What Is Sure To Be One Of The Most Exciting Comics Of The Year!

Invincible Iron Man #515
Matt Fraction (W)
Salvador Larroca (A/C)
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Greg Horn

• A Hero Falls!

Thunderbolts #173
Jeff Parker (W)
Declan Shalvey (A)
Cover By Mark Bagley

• It Had To Happen – Thunderbolts V. Thunderbolts!
• Years Ago, In The Wake Of The World’s Battle With Onslaught, The Thunderbolts Were Formed To Protect A Planet Devoid Of Heroes – But They Were Villains In Disguise!
• Now, The ‘Bolts Of The Modern Day Come Crashing Into Their Earliest Days – And Will Make A Decision That May Destroy The Marvel U – Or Save It! Part 2 Of 3!

X-Men #27 
Victor Gischler (W) 
Jorge Molina (A/C) 
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Khoi Pham 

• Concluding Open Contract, The Story Of The Forgiven. 
• The Marvel U’s Deadliest Assassins Have Been Sent After The Forgiven…And Are Trying To Kill Jubilee! 
• Guest-Starring Lady Bullseye, The Assassin’s Guild, And Lord Deathstrike

Uncanny X-Force #24
Rick Remender (W)
Phil Noto (A/C)
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Julian Totino Tedesco

• Aoa Wolverine, Deadpool And Nightcrawler Go On Mission To Kill Aoa Iceman!
• What’s Left Of X-Force Returns From Otherworld!

New Mutants #41
Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (W)
Leo Fernandez (A)
Cover By Kris Anka

• Part 3 Of 3!
• The New Mutants Have Fallen! Only Cypher And Warlock Remain
• Can They Stop The Virulent Mutation Of The Animator Before It Engulfs The Whole World?

X-Factor #234
Peter David (W)
Leonard Kirk (A)
Covers By David Yardin

• Catfight! Monet Calls Layla Out…And It’s Gonna Get Ugly.
• A Departed Member Of X-Factor Returns.
• And Introducing Seattle’s Newest Heroes: The Insignia And Shutterbug! (One Of Whom May Not Make It Through The Issue.)

John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #2 (Of 5)
Sam Humphries (W)
Ramon Perez (A)
Cover By Julian Totino Tedesco

• Finally Back On Mars, John Carter Finds Himself In The Dreaded Valley Of The Dead!
• He’s Escaped From The Clutches Of Beasts And Monsters…But Can He Escape From The Grasp Of The Gods?
• Who Is Cathoris, The Red Martian Who Mysteriously Looks Like John Carter?