THE UNCANNY Are Kickstarting With Amazing B&W Artwork

William Hodge and Wyldcard Studio have started a campaign on Kickstarter to find financial backers for the Hardcover Collected Edition of THE UNCANNY. This will be a 180 page black and white hard cover book created, written and illustrated by William Hodge collecting THE UNCANNY Prologue and issues 1-6.

The Zen Brawler. The Voodoo Wildchild. The Faceless Mystery Man. The New Age Oracle. The Master of the Steel Skin Technique. The Psycho Soul. And the Gnostic spirit. They are “The Uncanny”.

The Uncanny is a mystery school of revolutionaries fighting against conformity and spiritual oppression. This is amodern day super hero comic book. It's a little bit Matrix, a little bit Doom Patrol and a heaping of everything fantastic thrown in.

One of the most unique incentives being offered on Kickstarter EVER is The Omega Edition Trade paperback.  It has a one of a kind cover for the book; never to be used again.  No one else will have that cover. Other incentives include pdf copies of The Uncanny individual issues, signed hard copies of the Prologue and issues 1 thru 6, The 100 Full Color TPB collecting the 100 variant covers for The Uncanny Prologue, and The Uncanny TPB collection with special Kickstarter Edition cover.

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